1: Top Walking Mistakes Poor posture affects your overall health. Learn to walk right!

2: Correct Your Stride Maintain good alignment. Land on midfoot, not heel. Walk with purpose, not slouch.

3: Avoid Overstriding Taking long steps strains your muscles and joints. Shorten your stride now!

4: Neglecting Core Muscles Engage your abdomen and glute muscles while walking. Strengthen your core today!

5: Improve Your Head Position Look forward, not down. Keep your head aligned with your spine always.

6: Walking Too Fast Slow down and enjoy the benefits of walking. Maintain a steady pace.

7: Skipping Warm-up Routine Prepare your body for walking. Stretch and warm-up to prevent injuries. Take care of yourself!

8: Wearing Wrong Shoes Invest in proper footwear. Heel support and cushioning matter. Keep your feet happy!

9: Ignoring Posture Straighten up and stand tall. Maintain correct posture while walking. A healthy spine is vital!