1: Unveiling the Ninja Techniques That Propelled Naruto's Characters to Legend.

2: Shadow Clone: A duplicity technique, mastered by Naruto, amplifying his strength and deceiving the enemy.

3: Rasengan: A swirling vortex of chakra energy, unleashed by Naruto with fierce determination.

4: Sharingan: Sasuke's mystical eye, granting him power and the ability to perceive illusions.

5: Byakugan: Hinata's heightened vision, a path to see through opponents and their secrets.

6: Summoning Jutsu: An ability to call forth mighty creatures from another realm, like Gamabunta or Manda.

7: Chidori: Sasuke's lightning blade, a swift strike of immense power, capable of devastation.

8: Amaterasu: The black flames that emerge from Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan, a fire that never extinguishes.

9: Sage Mode: Jiraiya's ultimate state, where he harnesses nature's energy, becoming truly formidable.