1: Myth 1: Mediterranean diet is only about olive oil and pasta. Experts reveal the truth behind this misconception.

2: Myth 2: Mediterranean diet excludes meat. Learn why lean protein can be part of this healthy eating plan.

3: Myth 3: Mediterranean diet means no snacking. Discover how to enjoy delicious and nutritious snacks while following this diet.

4: Myth 4: Mediterranean diet is expensive. Find out how to adopt this lifestyle without breaking the bank.

5: Myth 5: Mediterranean diet is time-consuming. Learn quick and easy tips to incorporate this eating pattern into your busy schedule.

6: Myth 6: Mediterranean diet lacks variety. Explore the diverse foods and flavors that make up this rich culinary tradition.

7: Myth 7: Mediterranean diet promotes weight gain. Discover how this diet can actually support healthy weight management.

8: Myth 8: Mediterranean diet is only for older adults. Uncover why people of all ages can benefit from this balanced eating plan.

9: Myth 9: Mediterranean diet is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Learn how to modify the diet to meet your specific dietary preferences.