1: 1. Safeguard your coin collection by storing it in a secure location. 2. Avoid handling coins directly to prevent damage from oils and dirt.

2: 3. Use acid-free and archival-quality materials for coin storage. 4. Regularly inspect your collection and address any signs of deterioration promptly.

3: 5. Keep coins away from extreme temperature and humidity variations. 6. Wear cotton gloves while handling coins to prevent fingerprint marks.

4: 7. Consider investing in coin holders or albums for organized storage. 8. Use caution when cleaning coins, as improper techniques can devalue them.

5: 9. Document and catalog each coin in your collection for accurate valuation. 10. Insure your collection to ensure protection against theft or damage.

6: 11. Research and understand the market value of your coins periodically. 12. Consult reputable experts or coin dealers for guidance on coin preservation.

7: 13. Avoid exposing coins to direct sunlight or harsh artificial lighting. 14. Store coins vertically to minimize contact and potential scratching.

8: 15. Handle valuable coins with care and use soft surfaces when examining them. 16. Consider showcasing your collection in a controlled environment, like a display case.

9: 17. Keep records of maintenance, repairs, and any changes to your collection. 18. Stay updated on best practices and trends in coin preservation to protect your investment.