1: 1. Plan your budget wisely 2. Research current market prices 3. Be confident in your knowledge

2: 4. Build a relationship with the seller 5. Prioritize the coins you desire most 6. Bring cash for better bargaining power

3: 7. Understand the seller's perspective 8. Don't be afraid to negotiate politely 9. Ask for discounts on multiple purchases

4: 10. Attend coin shows on their last day 11. Look for dealers willing to negotiate 12. Consider trading or bartering

5: 13. Show genuine interest and ask questions 14. Be respectful and patient during haggling 15. Don't mention your maximum price upfront

6: 16. Utilize online resources to compare prices 17. Check for hidden costs or fees 18. Take your time before making a final decision

7: 19. Offer to pay in full upfront 20. Consider the condition of the coin 21. Don't hesitate to walk away if necessary

8: 22. Attend seminars or workshops on coin collecting 23. Stay updated with latest market trends 24. Seek advice from experienced collectors

9: 25. Keep a record of your negotiations 26. Avoid impulsive buying decisions 27. Enjoy the thrill of finding a great deal!