1: Discover remarkable history through these oldest coins currently circulating globally. Explore fascinating tales tied to these enduring treasures.

2: Unearthed from time, the Groat—a medieval silver coin—continues to be used in the UK. Admire its intricate design and significance.

3: Pennies, the oldest coins in the United States, connect us with our founding era. Witness the continuing legacy of these iconic copper symbols.

4: Spain's Maravedis, dating back to the 11th century, hold an enchanting allure. Explore their cultural importance and persistent usefulness.

5: Japan's 1-yen coin, originating from 1870, carries immense historical value. Gain insights into how this coin has endured for over a century.

6: India's 1-rupee coin, introduced in 1917, symbolizes the rich heritage of the nation. Experience the profound significance of this enduring currency.

7: Australia's "Commonwealth Star" penny, minted from 1911 to 1964, reveals a captivating narrative. Delve into the history surrounding this valued coin.

8: Observe the Swedish 1-krona coin, in circulation since 1873, a testament to Sweden's stability and reverence for tradition.

9: The Canadian "Loonie," introduced in 1987, reflects Canada's strong national identity. Uncover the story behind this beloved and long-lasting currency.