1: 1. Naruto Uzumaki - The protagonist of the series, Naruto starts as a struggling underdog but eventually rises to become the strongest ninja in his village.

2: 2. Sakura Haruno - Initially considered weaker than her teammates, Sakura trains diligently to become a skilled medical ninja, earning the respect of her peers.

3: 3. Gaara of the Sand - Once a feared antagonist, Gaara undergoes a profound transformation to become the Kazekage and a respected protector of his village.

4: 4. Itachi Uchiha - Despite his dark past, Itachi redeems himself by sacrificing everything for the sake of his village, ultimately becoming one of the most revered characters.

5: 5. Obito Uchiha - Initially a misguided villain, Obito finds redemption and emerges as a key player, showcasing immense power and shaping the outcome of the series.

6: 6. Might Guy - Seen as a comical character, Guy becomes a formidable ninja through intense training, mastering powerful techniques that rival even the strongest foes.

7: 7. Hinata Hyuga - A shy and reserved character, Hinata evolves into a powerful fighter, determined to protect her loved ones and showcasing incredible growth in strength.

8: 8. Shikamaru Nara - Despite his initial laziness, Shikamaru's strategic brilliance earns him the respect of his peers and positions him as an influential leader.

9: 9. Rock Lee - Initially lacking the ability to harness chakra, Lee develops his body to the extreme, becoming a martial arts master respected for his unwavering determination.