1: 1. Victorian Penny - An iconic coin of the Victorian era, the penny featured Queen Victoria's portrait and symbolized the widespread growth of the British Empire.

2: 2. Florin - The Victorian florin, with its intricate design and noble profile, emerged as a popular coin. It showcased Victorian Britain's prosperity and artistic excellence.

3: 3. Sovereign - The gold sovereign, adorned with Queen Victoria's effigy, exemplified the power and stability of the British economy during the Victorian era.

4: 4. Sixpence - Known as a "tanner," the Victorian sixpence displayed the queen's image, representing a valuable piece of currency cherished by the people.

5: 5. Farthing - The Victorian farthing, the smallest denomination, showcased intricate details and depicted the queen's profile on its copper surface.

6: 6. Half Crown - The Victorian half crown, bearing an impressive design and Queen Victoria's likeness, was widely embraced as a symbol of British prosperity.

7: 7. Maundy Money - The Maundy Money, a special collection of coins distributed by the Queen, has been a cherished tradition since Victorian times.

8: 8. Gothic Crown - The Victorian gothic crown, characterized by its elaborate gothic-style design, represented a numismatic masterpiece appreciated by collectors worldwide.

9: 9. Three Pence - The Victorian three pence coin, commonly called a "threepenny bit," featured unique edges and queen's profile, illustrating the era's monetary heritage.