1: "Life's too short to play by the rules. Especially when you're undead." - Sheila Hammond

2: "Happiness is a fresh kill and a full stomach. Bon appétit!" - Joel Hammond

3: "Being a zombie doesn't mean you can't be the best damn realtor in Santa Clarita." - Sheila Hammond

4: "Zombies get their hands dirty, but they also know how to clean up the mess." - Joel Hammond

5: "Love can be messy, but it's even more complicated when you're a zombie." - Sheila Hammond

6: "Hunting for dinner keeps the spark alive in a marriage. Trust me, it works!" - Joel Hammond

7: "Who knew being undead could bring a neighborhood closer together?" - Sheila Hammond

8: "Sometimes you have to embrace your dark side to save the ones you love." - Joel Hammond

9: "In the world of Santa Clarita Diet, even death can't kill the humor." - Sheila & Joel Hammond