1: Introducing Suits Spinoff Discover the exciting new world of the Suits spinoff series - a captivating extension of the hit legal drama. Get ready to meet a talented ensemble of actors!

2: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter Reprising his iconic role, Gabriel Macht effortlessly brings Harvey Specter's charm and legal brilliance to the spinoff. Prepare to witness his unparalleled determination.

3: Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen Sarah Rafferty will captivate fans as the quick-witted, fiercely loyal Donna Paulsen. Her intelligence and unwavering support make her an integral part of the spinoff.

4: Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson Gina Torres stuns as Jessica Pearson, traversing the treacherous legal landscape with grace. Watch in awe as she conquers every challenge placed before her.

5: Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt Rick Hoffman returns as the cunning and eccentric Louis Litt. Prepare for his comedic brilliance and unparalleled dedication to achieving justice in this spinoff.

6: Dulé Hill as Alex Williams Dulé Hill portrays the ambitious Alex Williams, bringing depth and determination to his character. Witness his unwavering commitment to justice at all costs.

7: Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett Amanda Schull embodies the intelligence and resilience of Katrina Bennett. Don't miss her exceptional legal skills and unwavering tenacity in the Suits spinoff.

8: Alison Thornton as Keri Allen Alison Thornton impresses as Keri Allen, a talented attorney navigating the legal world's complexities. Her wit and legal expertise make her an undeniable asset.

9: Simon Kassianides as Nick D'Amato Simon Kassianides delivers an intense performance as Nick D'Amato, a fierce litigator willing to bend the rules for justice. Behold his unwavering determination. Immerse yourself in the world of Suits with this thrilling spinoff series, where a dynamic cast brings a fresh twist to the legal drama you love. Get ready to be captivated!