1: 1. Biles I: The "Biles" is an awe-inspiring double layout half twist on the floor exercise, pioneered by Simone Biles, showcasing her exceptional athleticism and style.

2: 2. Biles II: Witness Simone's daring "Biles II" move, a triple-twisting double backflip on the floor exercise that challenges gravity, mesmerizing fans around the world.

3: 3. Biles Beam: Mastering the balance beam is no easy feat, but Simone Biles revolutionized the sport with gravity-defying flips and twists, now known as the "Biles Beam."

4: 4. Biles Vault: Simone Biles elevated the game with her "Biles Vault," a roundoff half-on, front layout double twist. A display of power, precision, and artistry combined.

5: 5. Biles Bar: Delve into the realm of unequal bars where Simone Biles defies limits. Her innovative "Biles Bar" dazzles with a double twisting double backflip, astonishment guaranteed.

6: 6. Biles II Uneven Bars: Simone Biles proves her gymnastic brilliance yet again with the "Biles II Uneven Bars" maneuver. A powerful high-flying release move showcasing her exceptional skills.

7: 7. Biles on Floor: Witness Simone Biles in her true element, breaking records with "Biles on Floor." A jaw-dropping double layout half twist with a full twist, redefining perfection.

8: 8. Biles Dismount: Simone's sheer power comes alive in the "Biles Dismount" on the balance beam. A double twisting double backflip dismount that epitomizes her unmatched skill.

9: 9. Biles World: Enter Simone Biles' world with this visual guide. Explore her incredible gymnastic contributions, as her eponymous moves leave a lasting legacy and inspire generations to come. Remember to arrange these snippets in a logical order and add captivating visual elements to create an engaging Google web story experience on "Gymnastics Moves Named After Simone Biles."