1: Discover the Santa Clarita Diet cast. Meet the stars who bring this thrilling comedy-horror series to life. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

2: Drew Barrymore takes the lead as Sheila Hammond—an ordinary real estate agent turned flesh-craving zombie. Prepare for her wild and hilarious antics.

3: Timothy Olyphant portrays Joel Hammond, Sheila's caring husband. Witness his struggle to handle life with a zombie wife in this unique show.

4: Liv Hewson shines as Abby Hammond, the couple's teenage daughter. Follow her as she navigates the challenges of having a flesh-eating mom.

5: A prominent member of the supporting cast, Skyler Gisondo plays Eric Bemis, Abby's quirky best friend. Brace yourself for his eccentric personality.

6: Mary Elizabeth Ellis brings humor as Lisa Palmer, a fellow realtor and supportive friend. Experience her wacky yet heartwarming dynamics with the Hammonds.

7: Richard T. Jones takes on the role of Rick, a law enforcement officer figuring out the strange occurrences in Santa Clarita. His skepticism adds a twist.

8: Rounding out the cast is Joy Osmanski as Alondra, a dedicated real estate agent. Witness her connection to the Hammonds and the secret they keep.

9: Prepare for laughter, gore, and unexpected surprises as the talented Santa Clarita Diet cast immerses you in this darkly comedic world. Enjoy the thrilling ride!