1: "Liberty Dollar: Infamous for its controversial use as an alternative currency, the Liberty Dollar stirred up a banking scandal."

2: "Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scheme: Madoff's investment firm collapsed in 2008, exposing a massive fraud involving billions of dollars."

3: "Barings Bank Collapse: The collapse of Barings Bank in 1995 was caused by Nick Leeson's unauthorized trading, resulting in losses of $1.4 billion."

4: "Banco Ambrosiano Scandal: In 1982, the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano revealed a web of corruption and money laundering involving the Vatican."

5: "Nick Leeson and BCCI: Notorious trader Nick Leeson was also connected to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)'s infamous collapse."

6: "Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI): BCCI's extensive money laundering and fraud activities were unveiled in the 1990s, leading to its closure."

7: "Enron Scandal: Enron's accounting fraud and bankruptcy in 2001 shocked the world and exposed deep-seated corruption in the energy company."

8: "WorldCom Accounting Scandal: WorldCom's fraudulent accounting practices came to light in 2002, leading to its bankruptcy and a loss of investor confidence."

9: "Lehman Brothers Collapse: Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy in 2008 marked the beginning of the global financial crisis, sending shockwaves through the banking industry."