1: Coinage revolutionized ancient trade, facilitating transactions across vast regions. Learn about prominent coins in trade routes.

2: Silk Road commerce relied on Chinese Han Dynasty coins, fostering connections between East and West.

3: Roman Denarius coins dominated Mediterranean trade, ensuring stability and facilitating economic growth.

4: Byzantine Solidus, known for its purity, facilitated trade in the Eastern Roman Empire, forging strong alliances.

5: Indian punch-marked coins acted as key mediums of exchange during ancient South Asian trade routes.

6: African cowrie shells, traversing vast distances, played a pivotal role in trade along trans-Saharan routes.

7: Islamic dinar coins, widely accepted, facilitated trade across the expansive Islamic Caliphate.

8: Japanese Wadōkaichin played a crucial role in commerce during the Nara period, boosting economic prosperity.

9: Aztec cacao beans, serving as currency, were indispensable in Mesoamerican trade, symbolizing wealth and power.