1: Coins of the American Civil War – A Glimpse into History Immerse yourself in the American Civil War through these iconic coins. Discover the stories they hold, from battlefields to heroic figures. Let history unfold with each coin.

2: The Lincoln Penny - An Emblem of Unity and Freedom From the Emancipation Proclamation to the Gettysburg Address, the Lincoln penny symbolizes the ideals and sacrifices made during the Civil War. Witness history in the palm of your hand.

3: The Liberty Half Dollar - Honoring Lady Justice's Triumph As the nation united against injustice, the Liberty Half Dollar commemorated the brave souls who stood up for freedom. Explore the significance of this remarkable coin on our journey through time.

4: The Confederate Cent – A Controversial Reminder Delve into the complexities of the Confederate Cent, a divisive symbol of the Civil War. Uncover the stories and perspectives behind this coin, reflecting the challenges of a divided nation.

5: The Union Shield Nickel - A Testament to Loyalty Experience the unity that came through hardship with the Union Shield Nickel. This resilient coin represents the strength and resolve of the Union in the face of adversity.

6: The Seated Liberty Dollar - An Elegant Majesty With Lady Liberty seated, the Seated Liberty Dollar captures the elegance of the era amidst a time of turmoil. Learn about its designs and the stories it tells of a nation at war.

7: The Indian Head Penny - An Ode to Native American Heritage Discover the Native American heritage celebrated on the Indian Head Penny. Explore the significance of its design and the impact it had during the American Civil War.

8: The Gold Dollar - Embodying Economic Turmoil Uncover the economic instability of the Civil War era with the Gold Dollar. Explore its connection to the nation's financial struggles and the stories it reveals about life in those times.

9: The Confederate States Half Dollar - A Reminder of the South Unravel the legacy of the Confederate States Half Dollar, representing the Confederate's financial system. Learn about the historical context surrounding this coin and its lasting impact.