1: "Einstein's Theory - Discover how the relativity concept transformed scientific understanding. Collectible coins showcase the genius of Albert Einstein."

2: "DNA's Double Helix - Explore the monumental discovery of DNA structure. Remarkable coins honor the pioneering work of Watson and Crick."

3: "Atomic Model Unveiled - Celebrate the unveiling of the atomic structure. Commemorative coins pay tribute to the groundbreaking research of Bohr and Rutherford."

4: "Space Exploration - Embark on a journey through cosmic history. Stunning coins capture achievements, from the Moon landing to Mars missions."

5: "Quantum Mechanics - Unveiling the mysteries of the subatomic realm. Exquisite coins honor pioneers like Schrodinger and Heisenberg."

6: "Evolutionary Breakthrough - Witness the triumph of Darwin's theory. Precious coins commemorate his groundbreaking insights on the origin of species."

7: "The Human Genome Project - Revolutionizing our understanding of genetics. Discover coins embodying the immense impact of decoding our DNA."

8: "Big Bang Theory - Explore the origins of our vast universe. Remarkable coins symbolize the cosmic explosion that birthed everything we know."

9: "Genetic Engineering - Pushing the boundaries of biology. Collectible coins showcase scientific innovation in modifying living organisms." Note: Each page has been limited to the requested maximum of 35 words to ensure concise content for Google web stories.