1: Coins creating global rifts. History witnesses currencies igniting conflicts. Explore famous numismatic disputes in this riveting collection of international controversies.

2: Dutch East India Company coin fiasco. Strife sparked when these coins circulated beyond colonial domain. Relive the altercation that escalated tensions.

3: Korean "Tiger" coins. Symbolic representation that fueled territorial disputes. Discover the power struggles ignited by this coin's imagery.

4: Saudi Arabian "Hijaz Railway" coins. Controversial currency minted during railway construction. Unearth the geopolitical quarrels triggered by these coins.

5: Iranian "Pahlavi" coins. Political clash ensued following coin redesign. Survey the tumultuous era marked by these disputed currencies.

6: Indian "Ashoka" coins. Precious artifacts contested by neighboring nations. Uncover the regional rivalries incited by these ancient relics.

7: Chinese "Spratly Islands" coins. Sovereignty battles over these disputed maritime territories. Dive into the sea of contention surrounding these coins.

8: Russian "Crimea" coins. Strife ensued with the annexation of Crimea. Explore the tense moments linked to these commemorative coins.

9: US "Double Eagle" gold coins. Historic legal battles over ownership rights. Discover the captivating stories behind these highly valued coins.