1: "Hiroshima Memorial Coin - Remembering 1945 tragedy with this poignant commemorative piece."

2: "Berlin Wall Coin - Symbolizing unity and freedom, a testament to Cold War history."

3: "Statue of Liberty Centennial Coin - Celebrating 100 years of hope and liberty in America."

4: "D-Day Victory Coin - Honoring the bravery and sacrifices of the Allied forces in WWII."

5: "Chernobyl Disaster Coin - A somber reminder of the 1986 nuclear catastrophe."

6: "Apollo 11 Moon Landing Coin - Forever capturing mankind's giant leap for all time."

7: "Tiananmen Square Protest Coin - Commemorating the pursuit of democracy and human rights."

8: "Pearl Harbor Remembrance Coin - Remembering the "day of infamy" and honoring fallen heroes."

9: "Holocaust Memorial Coin - Paying tribute to the millions who perished during this dark chapter."