1: The Egyptian Scarab: Ancient amulet, symbolizing rebirth & protection, found in tombs and believed to bring good luck.

2: The Greek Owl: A revered bird, representing wisdom, intelligence, and goddess Athena, featured on ancient Greek currency.

3: The Chinese Dragon: Emblem of power, fortune, & imperial might, featured on ancient Chinese coins as a symbol of prosperity.

4: The Mayan Jade Mask: Sacred emblem, carved in jade, representing divine power and worn by Mayan rulers during ceremonies.

5: The Roman Sestertius: Bronze coin depicting important figures, like emperors, capturing the grandeur & authority of the Roman Empire.

6: The Aztec Calendar Stone: Massive stone carving, representing the cosmos, time, and the Aztec civilization's religious beliefs.

7: The Byzantine Solidus: Gold coin symbolizing Byzantine resilience, economic stability, and the majesty of Emperor Justinian.

8: The Indus Valley Bull: Sacred animal seen on ancient Indus Valley civilization's seals, symbolizing strength, fertility & abundance.

9: The Inca Sun Disk: Golden disk emblem found on Inca artifacts, representing Inti, the Sun God, and divine rulership.