1: "Lost Dutchman's Gold: A legendary treasure said to be hidden in Arizona's Superstition Mountains."

2: "Oak Island Mystery: Uncover the secrets surrounding the enigmatic money pit in Nova Scotia, Canada."

3: "The Brasher Doubloon: An American gold coin shrouded in mystery and once owned by George Washington."

4: "The Kipperthal Gold: A hidden cache of gold coins rumored to be hidden in the German countryside."

5: "The Oak Ridge Coppers: Unravel the mystery behind the rare American colonial coins found in Tennessee."

6: "The Ship of Gold: Explore the origin of the sunken SS Central America and its valuable gold cargo."

7: "The Coin of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II: Discover the fascinating story behind this medieval rarity."

8: "The Saddle Ridge Hoard: Encounter the largest buried treasure of U.S. gold coins found in California."

9: "The Chinese Silver Pandas: Learn about the modern yet enigmatic silver coins produced by China's mint."