1: "In Spain, it's customary to eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve for good luck."

2: "In Turkey, brides-to-be toss coins to unmarried guests during wedding ceremonies."

3: "Visitors to the Trevi Fountain in Italy throw coins over their shoulders, hoping to return to Rome someday."

4: "In Japan, coins are often placed under a new building's cornerstone for prosperity and protection."

5: "During Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, money is given in red envelopes for luck and blessings."

6: "In Greece, it's believed that placing a coin under your pillow will bring sweet dreams and good fortune."

7: "In China, a coin is traditionally sewn into a baby's clothing to attract abundant wealth and luck."

8: "In Russia, it's a custom to throw coins into fountains for a wish to come true."

9: "In Argentina, the 'Lucky Pig' tradition involves touching a coin to a pig figurine, symbolizing financial success." Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words or fewer, as specified.