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4: Missing-Mint Mark Bicentennial Quarters Unearth the fascinating Missing-Mint Mark Bicentennial Quarters! Certain coins were released without the customary "D" or "P" mint mark, making them highly valuable. Explore this rarity in only 35 words!

5: Bicentennial Quarter Variant: Partially Missing Design Uncover the Partially Missing Design Bicentennial Quarter! Some coins exhibit incomplete or missing design elements, making them extraordinary collector's items. Embrace this unique variation, encapsulated in 35 words!

6: Bicentennial Quarter Variety: Satin Finish Experience the Satin Finish Bicentennial Quarter! These special coins were selectively treated to achieve a unique lustrous appearance. A testament to craftsmanship that can be described in just 35 words!

7: Wide Rim Bicentennial Quarters Discover the distinctive Wide Rim Bicentennial Quarters! These coins feature a broader rim compared to regular issues, adding another layer of desirability among collectors. Explore this rarity concisely in 35 words!

8: Bicentennial Quarter Error: Off-Centered Strikes Unveil the Off-Centered Strike Bicentennial Quarters! Due to production errors, some coins display misaligned designs, making them captivating for collectors. Explore this intriguing error in only 35 words!

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