1: 1. Egyptian Eye Coin 2. Harry Potter Gringotts Galleon 3. Pirates of the Caribbean Doubloon 4. James Bond's Gold Sovereign

2: 5. Lord of the Rings Arkenstone 6. Indiana Jones Aztec Gold Piece 7. Black Pearl Aztec Gold Coin 8. Pirates of the Caribbean Piece of Eight

3: 9. Goonies One-Eyed Willy's Gold Doubloon 10. National Treasure Library of Congress Gold Coin 11. Dead Man's Chest Aztec Gold Coin 12. Thor: Ragnarok Sakaaran Krona

4: 13. Aladdin's Arabian Gold Coin 14. Sherlock Holmes Sovereign 15. John Wick's Gold Continental Coin 16. Pirates of the Caribbean Spanish Gold Coin

5: 17. The Hobbit Arkenstone of Thrain 18. National Treasure Declaration of Independence Shilling 19. The Hangover Casino Quarter 20. Indiana Jones British Sovereign

6: 21. The Dark Knight Two-Face Coin 22. Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Gold Coin 23. Pirates of the Caribbean Mermaid Gold Coin 24. The Italian Job Gold Bullion

7: 25. National Treasure US Treasury Gold Coin 26. Harry Potter Knut 27. Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge Silver Coin 28. Sherlock Holmes The Hound of the Baskervilles Sovereign

8: 29. Thorin Oakenshield's Dwarf Gold Coin 30. National Treasure City Bank of New York Gold Coin 31. Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Pirate Medallion 32. Coin from It's a Wonderful Life

9: 33. The Count of Monte Cristo Napoleon Gold Coin 34. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Coin 35. Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End Brethren Court Coin 36. The Lord of the Rings The One Ring